Sexy teen babe Hailey in her tight workout uniform

I’ve been hitting the gym on a fairly regular basis. Besides getting in the required physical activity, you sometimes catch a glimpse of some cute babe in her workout kit that includes a pair of tiny shorts and a top that accentuates her fit body. During my time at the local fitness and recreation centre, I have never come across a sexy teen babe as good looking as Hailey is in these free pictures from Hailey’s Hideaway. She is looking incredibly sexy as she poses for us in her short workout shorts and a black top.


Hailey definitely knows how to tease as she pulls the shorts down slightly so you can see her shaved pussy. She also pulls her shirt up so the material rests on her breasts while not exposing them entirely. You do get a great view of the bottom of her boobs but she also ends up taking them in her hands for some amazing handbra pictures. Like what you see of this adorable teen babe? If so click here to visit Hailey’s Hideway and get instant access to all her amazing pictures and videos!

hailey-workout-uniform-02 hailey-workout-uniform-03

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